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May Fun

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Summer Fun Day

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These guys

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Making Jack laugh- ithappens around here a lot!

Say What???

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I forgot to show these back in May when Jack was born, but now's the time. When we went to get his birth certificate we asked them for extra official copies. (We did the same thing when London was born). We wanted to be sure we had enough copies to never need to go back to get more. What's funny, scary, and weird, is that they give you the WHOLE book with EVERYONE'S birth certificates.

They give it to you, you take it to the copy place, make your own copies, and return it.

Say what?! That's right.

You leave with who knows how many other people's birth certificates!

This is the page that Jack's is on...along with 3 other people. It may work here, but this would never work in the states!

InstaDay (Instagram Day)

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas, from us to you!!!


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While in the truck Parker kept trying to get Joe to put his seatbelt on. When he wouldn't listen, he yelled out, "Hellooooo kitten, seatbelt on!"

When they don't have change...

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This is what you get

4 pesos, 25 centavos and a piece of candy.

That's what you get when you live in a country with a coin shortage!

that's not how we taught him

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What Parker says while playing hide and seek:


here's my nut, I am coming".

I think he forgot how it really goes!

Gerber Contest

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Vote for Parker and London all this month in the Gerber baby contest!

You can only vote 1 time a day per email address. Get your votes in for their chance to win a college scholarship!

Click this link:

Click "Search photos" at the bottom and enter in the ID#

for Parker's ID# 124393

for London's link ID# 124346

*Remember you can only vote for 1 a day per email, so switch between them!


Adult Conversation

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Now that we have two kids I have found myself saying things that sound very "mom". Sometimes when the words are coming out of my mouth I find myself thinking, "I can't believe I just said that". London is still so small that I'm not telling her a whole lot in the way of instruction or discipline but it's coming...I can feel it! Perhaps this is why by the end of the day I am starving for some adult conversation, or at least some words that don't consist of "no".
Here's a sample of my day around here:

Parker no please
Let's not do that
I said no
Be nice to your sister
I love you
London, don't touch that
Parker, stand in the corner for being mean
London, don't touch that
Listen to what I tell you. Obey please.
Can you help me? I asked you to help pick up your toys
Eat please
Do it again, you get a spanking

I love you
Do you really need to be crying because of that?
I said no candy-why are you eating a sucker?
No, Parker, dont do that
Take another bite-now
Because I said so

Why did you disobey?
Parker, calm down, you're scaring your sister
London why are you screaming like that? You're fine
I love you
Time for a nap
Why? Because I said no
You're going to get a spanking- I don't like spanking you

You know no crying before a nap
London, don't touch that

Parker please listen, don't do that
Eat more please
Because I said no

I love you

Well, you get the idea. My daily vocabulary doesn't change very much. I think I'm lacking any sort of adult conversations if Joe's not around. Since we still don't really know anyone here we really just have each other- which is fine- but when we're alone with the kids we can loose ourselves in a kids world and it's hard to come out of it.
Here's to hoping to find some friends who can give us more stimulating things to talk about. Oh, but that will be in Spanish, don't forget. That can be a whole other world of problems!

Lecciones de Nataci?n

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Yes, Parker took his first lessons at an indoor pool near us today. He did really well, too! We have spent some time with him, teaching him how to kick and blow bubbles, but he really needs to learn how to actually swim. His teacher was great and made sure he was comfortable and understanding everything she was saying (you know, since it's all in Spanish).
He was jumping into the pool, blowing bubbles, kicking on the kickboard and hanging onto the railing like a monkey.
We're excited he enjoyed going and think he'll be swimming on his own in no time!

What has happened?

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I don't know where I've been. It has been a while since I have blogged about anything and I don't really know why. I guess because I've got a house to take care of, two kids, a husband etc. Anyway, today's post...a Parker funny.
Usually at each stop light in town there are a group of guys standing, with spray bottles and window wipes in hand- ready and waiting to clean your windshield for some money in exchange. Sometimes we tell them to clean it and give them a few pesos, but most of the time we just say no. **Enter the pushy guys** They are the ones that run to your window, even when you tell them NOOOO, shake your finger and head and say it loudly. This leads us to say, "No tenemos monedas", meaning "we have no money."
So the other day Parker and Joe were driving in the car and pulled up to the light. Out of pure instinct and being used to hearing us talk to these guys, Parker blurts out, "No tenemos monedas"!! HA!! SOOO funny! Even Parker didn't want our windshield washed. Oh, only in Latin America!

Chicken to go

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2 weeks ago we had left church and were at the bus stop waiting for the bus to go home. There was a man standing in front of us holding a bag of something and Parker was running around on the sidewalk. I didn't really wonder what was inside of the bag until I saw it jolt a few times. At first I thought I was seeing things, so I looked at it a little longer. It was a thick bag and he was holding it out to his left side fairly far from his body. Suddenly, the whole bag shook and a chicken began to scream from inside of it! Parker stopped and looked at the bag with amazement because he really had no idea what was going on. What made it even better was that Parker kept asking to hear it again and again. It's not every day the guy next to you has a live chicken in his bag and who is taking it home to make lunch!

Playing with the camera

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Parker and I were playing with the camera and he wanted to say "good morning". Enjoy!

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