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Parker is 7

Posted on April 26, 2014 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (1)


You are 7! This year you wanted to visit our friends in Santiago del Estero instead of have a party, so that's exactly what we did! You wanted a ninjago cake and that's what you had. You are so special. We love you so much. I hope you know just how much you are loved by us and everyone around you. You're such a good friend and brother. Thank you for making us smile with your funny jokes and silly stories. Happy birthday, bubba!

Parker's 6!!

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We can't believe that you are a big 6 year old! You have been waiting for this birthday and it finally came. You asked me for a superhero birthday, so we did Spider-man. And you were pretty excited!
We started the day by taking Spiderman cupckes to your school to share with your friends.

Then you went home and opened presents. You got Twister from grammy and poppy and some super awesome cowboy boots!

A week later we celebrated with a superhero costume party/ movie night with your
friends from school.

You are still awaiting the day you'll find a loose tooth. You are learning to read and write in Spanish, which is much easier than English. You're adding and subtracting and coloring really well, too. You love anything that has to do with superheroes, dinosaurs, trucks, or your friends. You are a great big brother to Jack. You and him play together so well and you can really make him laugh. You and London love to pretend to be animals together and play I Spy and hide and seek.
We can't wait to see what is in store for you this next year and all the ways that you will grow. I know that God is teaching you lots of new things. We pray that you will continue to grow to love Him and know Him more. We love you, Bubba! Happy Birthday!!

The End of Kindergarten

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How is it that you can be done with kindergarten? You are so big! I love how you love school. You're a great friend and student. This year you had a few hard times with listening to your teacher (sounds like daddy), but you made it through and in the end did well! For your "acto", or end of the year program, you were a bird! You loved practicing and getting ready for the performance. You even had to read a whole line, in Spanish, and did great! Way to go, bubba! We love you!" target="_blank">

Parker's 5th

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The birthday boy, at the Salta McDonald's for his special dinner!

(written April 26th)


Today is your day. The day that we first welcomed you into this world and the day our lives forever changed. It was the day you made me a mom and daddy became the most proud daddy, ever!

You are such a good boy. I hope we tell you that enough. You amaze us daily with how mature you can be and how you know just the right moments to find the the right words to say what we need to hear. You are so smart- you started reading small words recently and you love it. You are really, really funny and goofy, just like your daddy. You love to tell us your jokes and stories. You love superheroes and more superheroes- you say Spiderman is your favorite.

You are such a good big brother, even though you and London do fight, a lot. You love her and protect her so much and it makes daddy and I so proud of who you are!

We pray for you as you grow, that these good things would remain with you. We pray you will continue in your understanding of who Jesus is and all that He's done for you. We pray that you will continue to have a desire to tell people what you already do know about Him and that you will do it fearlessly and wholeheartedly.

Thank you for loving us so much because we sure do love you!

Happy Birthday, Bubba!



Say WHAT now??

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The other day Parker and I were talking about, well, who knows what.
He tends to ramble on, and on, and on.
I'm sure NO ONE who has kids can relate with me!
Anyway, he was in the middle of saying something when suddenly he blurted out a line I never thought a 4 year old would say. So I said,
"Wait, what did you just say?"
Parker- "I said, so you just say 'get a straw and suck it up!', like that"
I was laughing so hard. I yelled for Joe to come closer and hear what Parker had to say.
Parker- "I said, 'get a straw and suck it up'..."
After I composed myself I asked who taught him to say that, and his reply...
"Drew, and Aaron, from the team from last week" (aka mission team from Briar Hill).
So, THANK YOU guys, you did a fabulous job teaching our son some profound new sayings!

Not Sleeping

Posted on June 27, 2011 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (1)

Parker: "Mom, London isn't asleep yet"

Me: "Parker, don't worry about her, just worry about yourself."

Parker: " I won't. I'll just worry about Jesus."

The Brokenness of a Child

Posted on June 22, 2011 at 10:56 AM Comments comments (2)

We took Joe's dad and sister into downtown Salta to visit the plaza and see all the randomness that is Latin America. We ate, and enjoyed "papuchas", french fries in a paper cone", kettle corn, and a buffet dinner. One stop we made us into the main Catholic church on the square. Every time we visit one, we remind Parker that he's going to see people praying to the statues, and that's something we're not suppoesd to do.
After we had walked around and seen people praying, bowing down, and crying in front of these images, Parker got very quiet. The impact came when we were leaving. There was a line of people waiting to see the priest for confession. People kneeling in a box, talking to a curtain, with nothing but another man on the other side. Parker stared. Watched. Wondered. I could see the blank expression on his face was a direct result of confusion.

I explained to him what they were doing, how many people believe the only way they can "talk" to God and be forgiven for the bad things they've done is by talking to the man in the box (aka the priest). He was so confused, asking why they would do something so strange when we can talk to God all by ourselves when we pray to Him.
We contined to talk and watch and then decided to leave. On the way out Parker was silent. No words or expressions. I knelt down to him on the steps just outside the church and talk. As we talked, tears filled his eyes and he began to sniffle. And with few words, I could feel the brokeness he was feeling.

"I'm just sad that those people are praying to
those pretend things in there. Why are they praying to that man?
We are only supposed to pray to God. God loves us."

Brokeness. The pain of seeing others try to reach and fulfill something in their life with false hope. Even Parker had felt it. In that moment, the Lord showed me that I need to see things through the eyes of my children. What they see is simple, not complicated or difficult to understand. People are lost, confused and in NEED of God.
So we stood outside and prayed together. We prayed for all the people who were praying to the statues, instead of to God. We prayed for God to open their eyes to see that it's HIM they need and long for. I'm thankful for that night, when my 4 year old taught me some very important things!

That Day

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Dear Parker,

4 years ago today you entered our world and forever changed us. You were so tiny, so precious, so perfect. You had daddy's eyes and pinky fingers and my nose and toes. We held you and kissed you-maybe more than what's normal- but we didn't care.

Your first birthday was in New Mexico, your second in Costa Rica, and your third in Argentina.
This year you are FOUR!!!
For the first year, we are living in the same country as last year so I can say that birthday's 3 and 4 were in Argentina!
You love animals, bugs, babies, superheroes, and candy. You especially love the candy. Lucky for you the people here are always ready to give you some (even when daddy and I want to say no). You are a big helper with things around the house. You love your new dresser where all your clothes are kept and combing through the drawers in search for the perfect outfit.
You are a great big brother to London. She loves following you around and playing with you. Daddy and I love that you two have your own language and can understand each other. You take care of her and make sure she's safe.
You have learned so much about God this past year. Daddy has been teaching you about Him and you are getting to know all about the one who made you and gave you to us 4 years ago. We pray you seek after him in all you do as you grow up. We love you, you peanut.
Mom and Dad

When did this happen?

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When in the world did he go from this:

To this:

Our baby is 4 years old!

15 Months

Posted on March 19, 2011 at 8:47 AM Comments comments (2)

I don't know where the time goes....

Here was Parker at 15 months- we had just arrived in Costa Rica

and here is London, 15 months, in Argentina.

Wordless Wednesday

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Bad Things

Posted on December 10, 2010 at 9:47 AM Comments comments (0)

We have been trying harder to focus on some basic Bible topics and doctrine with Parker. Now, since he's only 3 1/2, Joe had to make it so he can understand. Man, is it cute!! He is repeating the things we're teaching him like a champ.

One of the things we ask is, "How do we know there's a God?"

Answer: "We can see (point to eyes) what He has made, we can know (point to head) right from wrong, and because of Jesus (point to the sky)."

He has really been meditating on these things because this, and other topics, will arise during daily conversation.

The other night I put him to bed and told him no playing or I'd have to take his guys (spiderman, ironman, and buzz- you know, The guys).

I shut the door and what did I hear?


So I walked in his room and took said guys away, to which he reacted as would and 3 year old- going right to sleep with a fit. This time, however, some logical thinking accompanied the crying.

Parker: "You did a bad thing. You took my guys (sniff, tears)."

Me: "Parker, I told you that I would take them if you played."

Parker: (sobbing) "But when we do bad things (pointing to his head, remembering the right and wrong stuff we studied) we have to say we're sorry because God doesn't want us to do bad things. You did a bad thing"

This is where I wanted to laugh. Poor little guy thought it was pretty gosh darn awful that his guys weren't going to be sleeping with him. However, I restrained and continued my sweet conversation with him. Trying to explain consequences to a 3 year old is a tough one!

After all this took place I began to think and the Lord spoke to me.

Sometimes it seems like a chore to teach such things to him. He doesn't sit still, pay attention, plays instead of listens, I could go on and on. Sometimes I'm not sure anything we're saying is taking hold. However, in this moment the Lord reminded me that our dilgence in instructing him in the ways of the Lord is what matters most. How will he learn these important truths if we aren't focusing on them in our own home as a family?

I was also thankful for the moment that I didn't miss out on. Often, I am tired and don't want to deal with his bedtime fits and so my response is to just walk away and not listen to his 2nd 500th complaint of the night. I am thankful that was not my reaction on this particular night. I would have missed out on a precious thing- seeing the Lord work in his mind and heart.

Thankful Day

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We cooked for two days to share the American tradition of eating too much turkey, foods rich in starch and desserts.
It was fabulous!
There are not boxes of stuffing, can of pumpkis or cranberry sauce so everything we devoured was made from scratch. I mean everything. I evaporated my own milk, and boiled and pureed pumpkin for the pumpkin pie and even namde homemade marshmallows to top the candied yams. It was fun, but a LOT of work.
Parker came home from school early because he was pale and broke out with a fever. After a nap he was good to go and played all afternoon with the neighbor's children.
London enjoyed some turkey, yams and mashed potatoes- this girl can EAT!
Aside from all the delicious food, and the time of visiting with our neighbors, we are thankful for where God has us. He is always taking care of us and reminding us how faithful and trustworthy He is.This is part of what God showed me the other day during my morning time with him.

 Psalm 34: 8-14 Says:

 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Fear the LORD, you his holy people, for those who fear him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing. Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD. Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from telling lies.Turn from evil and do good;

 seek peace and pursue it.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

The Prince

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How can I only show you half the room?
In reality, there is still so much I have in mind of the kids' room, but we're going a little at a time.
The background:
Joe created a fantastic story of "Sir King Parker", his gloden sword, a giant on a bridge and a damsel in distress. It's is too precious and Parker loves it. He loves being the hero in the story and fighting the giant so he can cross the bridge and save the princess. Thus came the idea for a "Sir King Parker" room.

We recently bought a bed frame (still in need of some paint or covered in fabric-haven't made up my mind yet) and some nightstands (in need of some staining). The gray frame will hold the famous golden sword, and the space in the upper right corner of all the artwork will have a photo of a castle. As I said, it's a work in progress.

I love the way it's turning out though and it goes well with the little princess on the other side. Here's where the King lays his head.


Posted on October 12, 2010 at 11:54 AM Comments comments (0)

Parker and I are memorizing Bible verses together. The other day we sat to practice and review them and as we did, here's what Parker said:

"Even a child is known by his doings....Where are my doings?"

I love the things he thinks of saying!

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