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Dear Friends and Family,


Thank you for your support, prayers and visits, as we have served overseas for the last 8 years. We want to let you know what God is currently doing in our lives right now.


About 9 months ago God started us on a process that we only recently have come to understand. It started with some problems at Parker and London’s school here in Salta, Argentina. Two weeks later we arrived to the United States in a fog, and needing a break. Thanks to the IMB and our State-side assignment we were able to regroup, rest, and return to the field.


In September, after speaking with the Pastor at First Baptist Las Cruces, we were presented with a job opportunity that would keep us in the States. We kindly declined, but felt very flattered. Over the next three months our lives took a turn that we never would have expected, ever.


One week after speaking to the pastor, we received an email from the IMB. The email explained the current situation in which the IMB found itself and the measures to correct that situation, namely missionary and staff reductions. They would accomplish this in two phases, hoping to reduce the current mission/staff force by 600-800 personnel. The first phase was a voluntary retirement package for those over 50, with a minimum of five years of service. The second phase would be a voluntary hand-raising package for everyone else who feels that the Lord is leading them to something new. We were saddened by the news and our resolve to stay on the field was strengthened. No one but God was going to move us from the mission field. Then, God began to move us.


I would like to sum up the following months with some of the ways that God led us in an unexpected direction. I attended a leadership conference within the IMB. It was clear that the leadership structure directly over us, was beginning to change drastically. The Affinity leader for the Americas had accepted the Voluntary Retirement. We began to think of the reality of the retirement package and how it could affect us. We realized that we could also possibly loose our Indigenous cluster leader, a teammate, and our immediate supervisor, who had walked through the last 8 years with us. If those people accepted, we would loose all of the leaders above us, and our entire team. We would be the only missionaries working with indigenous people in Southern South America.


We were also unable to get our children into the only Christian school in Salta, which was going to force us to homeschool Parker and London. We also thought of future possibilities within the mission. It would be very unlikely that anyone would be deployed to Salta, or the indigenous work in Northern Argentina with whom we could serve. This in turn would mean that we would need to find another place to serve, which is something that we had not felt the Lord leading us to do.


About two weeks before our return to Argentina, the Pastor at First Baptist Las Cruces asked me to give him a resumé and go in for an interview, reluctantly I accepted. That same night he offered me a different position at the church, for which he had interviewed numerous people who had actively applied for the position. He informed me that he would not interview any other applicants and that the position was being held for me. If Leann and I were not confused already, this news threw us for a loop, as in our minds it was not even in realm of possible situations. I answered the Pastor, with a strong, commanding, “I have no idea.”


Leann and I began seeking the Lord and purchasing tickets for Argentina. We began praying and packing for our return. We began sharing this news with friends and asking them to pray as well. It seemed that in some ways God was leading us back to Argentina and in others, that He had opened a door for us to serve in the US. He even seemed to be working in family situations in the US, doing things that were very different than anything we had seen Him do before. Upon our return to Argentina, we felt at home again, but still very confused. As we prayed and sought the Lord together and individually, we both finally came to the conclusion that God was moving us from the mission field to serve in the United States. We came to this conclusion before thanksgiving and though we are just now sharing it, we are certain that this is what the Lord wants for us, and we have not felt Him leading in any other direction.


We will be raising our hands, and returning from Argentina and our ministry here. I have accepted the job as Family and Connections Pastor and FBC Las Cruces, because the Lord has led me to do so. We, as a family, will move to Las Cruces, NM because, as a family, God has led us to do so. Even though this was not something that we had wanted or were expecting, we have come to love the idea, because we love the One who is leading us to it. I could not be more excited to begin work in this new role, which will include, beginning and leading small groups in a new area of the city. That is exactly what I do here in Argentina. God has done this from start to finish and we will rest and be glad in His perfect plans.


Please pray for us in all of this, as we change countries again, and as we embark on a new chapter in our lives. We covet your prayers and support as we always have. It is with your support, that we have succeeded in our call as missionaries and it will be because of your support that will succeed in this call.







Ministry day in Potrero de Uriburu

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Please pray for Potrero de Uriburu, for Maria & Ernesto, and for all our other friends in this place.

1 Year!!!

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You are ONE!

With your bright blue eyes, toothy grin, and bleach blonde hair, you make us melt.

You are Jack. Our third child. Our second son. Our happy baby; as long as you're not sick or teething.

You make us happy and have brought us so much joy. You love to goof around, make us laugh, and play lots of games.

We took you to ride on some rides today. You loved the train, but held on for dear life. We know you enjoyed it though, because you cried when daddy took you off.

You loved the horse, too. The more it went around, the more you liked it. However, you only had one expression on your face the whole time. It was pretty cute funny.

We love you so much Boo Bear!! Happy Birthday, buddy!

Parker's 6!!

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We can't believe that you are a big 6 year old! You have been waiting for this birthday and it finally came. You asked me for a superhero birthday, so we did Spider-man. And you were pretty excited!
We started the day by taking Spiderman cupckes to your school to share with your friends.

Then you went home and opened presents. You got Twister from grammy and poppy and some super awesome cowboy boots!

A week later we celebrated with a superhero costume party/ movie night with your
friends from school.

You are still awaiting the day you'll find a loose tooth. You are learning to read and write in Spanish, which is much easier than English. You're adding and subtracting and coloring really well, too. You love anything that has to do with superheroes, dinosaurs, trucks, or your friends. You are a great big brother to Jack. You and him play together so well and you can really make him laugh. You and London love to pretend to be animals together and play I Spy and hide and seek.
We can't wait to see what is in store for you this next year and all the ways that you will grow. I know that God is teaching you lots of new things. We pray that you will continue to grow to love Him and know Him more. We love you, Bubba! Happy Birthday!!

Month #11

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Denver Baptist Team

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Our first church team arrives to Salta today! We're so excited for another group from Denver Baptist Church in Denver, NC to work with us again. It is always so much fun when they come visit and so I'm sure this group won't let us down! Here's a bit of what we'll be doing this week:
- Visits and evangelistic movie in the plaza in El Carril
- A 2 day trip to San Antonio de los Cobres for visits, teachings, movie, and encouragement to current believers.
- Work in San Luis with the church plant
- Free day somewhere in between, and eating lots of beef and empanadas!

Please pray for us as well as the 4 members of the team this week. Specifically pray for:
- Traveling mercies
- Health- that we would all stay well and not encounter any physical ailments.
- Boldness- to teach people something new about the gospel that they may have enver heard before
- Protection from spiritual warfare
Thank you, in advance!!!

Mission Time

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Thank you for all the prayers for the mission trip to San Luis. It was a great success! The group went out and met several people in the town and made contacts. Later on they showed the Jesus Film and had a great turnout. We are looking forward to the second trip they'll take in March!

The End of Kindergarten

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How is it that you can be done with kindergarten? You are so big! I love how you love school. You're a great friend and student. This year you had a few hard times with listening to your teacher (sounds like daddy), but you made it through and in the end did well! For your "acto", or end of the year program, you were a bird! You loved practicing and getting ready for the performance. You even had to read a whole line, in Spanish, and did great! Way to go, bubba! We love you!" target="_blank">

San Luis Mission Trip

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Today a group of about 10 people from our new church plant in San Luis left for San Antonio de los Cobres, a town about 4 hours away. This is the first mission trip for these members as a new church! We are so excited for their willingness to already go and tell others about the Lord.

Please keep the following things in your prayers:

  • Safe travel- It's raining today so the roads may be a bit more difficult to travel.
  • Health- The town is at a very high elevation and several of the people were nervous. However, there's a hospital that provides oxygen whenever it's needed.
  • Open doors- The people of San Antonio are very closed. Pray for God to open doors for them to have good visits with the people the connect with.
  • Movie Night- Tonight they will show a film in town. Pray for many people to attend and hear the good news.
  • The team- Pray for the member of the team that have gone. The majority of them are new believers. Pray for God to work in and through them so that they can see how God works.

Christmas Offering

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His heart, His hands, His voice – through praying

Jesus tells us in Matthew 9:38 to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest. We must join our hearts with God’s in praying for every language, people, tribe and nation to hear and receive the Gospel. Thousands of people groups have never heard the Good News; God calls us to faithfully intercede for them. Would your church consider adopting a people group to pray for? And please pray for us and other Southern Baptist missionaries who are sharing Jesus in dark places. Your intercession helps us to walk out the Great Commission.

His heart, His hands, His voice – through giving

Christians may have different talents and abilities, but we all come together to form the body of Christ. Southern Baptist missionaries can’t carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth without your support. Through your giving, we are freed to concentrate our time and efforts on engaging the unreached with the Gospel. How much will you give to reach the ones who still do not know? Think about what you spend on Christmas gifts for family and friends. Then consider giving your biggest gift to God through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The 2012 goal is $175 million. What role will you play? Give here.

His heart, His hands, His voice – through going

For 160 years, Southern Baptists have been faithful to step out of their comfort zones and go around the world with the Gospel. But even today, billions of people remain lost. The church was given the Great Commission, and we must take responsibility for helping reach the unreached people groups of the world. Would your church consider partnering with Southern Baptist missionaries and sending members to touch lost people groups with God’s love? The work is hard, but the reward is unspeakable. Come join in God’s global mission! Learn how you can go here

Potrero de Uriburu

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When our summer interns, Ryan and Angie were here, as well as the team from their church, they were able to visit Potrero de Uriburu with Joe. They showed a movie in the local school, and took a few toys for the kids there. A few weeks ago Joe was able to go back with a local pastor. This pastor already knew some people there which helped Joe to have a connection. The week after, he returned to have his first bible study and with adults
and kids, around 15 attended.

The brick house in the background is where they live and where we held the study.

We ar
e trying to take advantage of the next month or so in going to this place because once summer/ rainy season hits, it will be impossible to go there because the river bed we cross will go from dry to raging river. In total we've gone for about a month and a half. The people are open and have interest in learning more.

There's one man, Ernesto (in the picture above), who said he's interested in being trained so he can teach and train others! We're amazed by this because it's very uncommon here! Please be praying for Potrero de Uriburu and the people there.

Thinking Ahead

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2012 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 16:24-25, “If anyone wants to come with me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of Me will find it.”

As followers of Christ, we must be obedient to Him, whatever the cost. We must be His heart, His hands and His voice in the midst of a world filled with unreached peoples. We are part of the task to fulfill the Great Commission. And although we Southern Baptists have been praying, giving and going for 160 years, the task is far from finished. How will you be involved this year? Check with your local Southern Baptist Church or go here to give and become involved.

Cinco Meses

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Happy 5 months, Jack! You make us so happy every day (except that you can scream really loud and it just hurts our ears). We love you, boo.

Four Months

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       This month I as I write you, I sit and wonder, "where did the last month go?". Every day you are changing. Not a lot. Just a little. It's those things, though, that I notice. You wake up happy; laughing and smiling- just waiting for your diaper to be changed. You finally found your toes and you love staring at your hands.

You look down a lot- at your feet, the floor, your toys. But, you always look up when daddy starts to talk to you. You really do love him!

 This month I was praying, every day, for God to heal your left eye. It was sick since you were born- a clogged tear duct, pink eye, more clogging, and more pink eye. So I prayed, and prayed some more. God heard me and answered me. Your eye is ALL better! You are a happy little camper, too, because you don't have to rub and scratch it any more!

You also saw me. You didn't just see me, but you saw me and knew me. You knew I was your mommy. That made my heart happy.
You made a HUGE discovery- you found your head. Yes, even though it's following in the Andrews' way and is small, you finally found it! You love to try and pull at your hair, which is difficult since there's not much there. I love you, boo bear. Happy 4 months!

Jack is here!

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Parker and London with their new brother, Jack Greyson!

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