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Parker's 5th

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The birthday boy, at the Salta McDonald's for his special dinner!

(written April 26th)


Today is your day. The day that we first welcomed you into this world and the day our lives forever changed. It was the day you made me a mom and daddy became the most proud daddy, ever!

You are such a good boy. I hope we tell you that enough. You amaze us daily with how mature you can be and how you know just the right moments to find the the right words to say what we need to hear. You are so smart- you started reading small words recently and you love it. You are really, really funny and goofy, just like your daddy. You love to tell us your jokes and stories. You love superheroes and more superheroes- you say Spiderman is your favorite.

You are such a good big brother, even though you and London do fight, a lot. You love her and protect her so much and it makes daddy and I so proud of who you are!

We pray for you as you grow, that these good things would remain with you. We pray you will continue in your understanding of who Jesus is and all that He's done for you. We pray that you will continue to have a desire to tell people what you already do know about Him and that you will do it fearlessly and wholeheartedly.

Thank you for loving us so much because we sure do love you!

Happy Birthday, Bubba!



In the USA

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How has it been almost 2 months since I've written?
We arrived in the US August 17th and have been going all over the place since then. It's been so great to see family and so many friends already. The kids have been soaking up their time with grandparents and eating way too many sweets!
We were able to attend our first speaking event in Ruidoso, NM at the Women's Mission Union's annual meeting. It was so great to be able to meet women from all over New Mexico.
Hopefully I'll keep up with this little blog o ours a bit more frequently.

For now, here's a treat of London and her cousin Peyton.

Team Travel

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Tomorrow we have a group of 10 people from Briar Hill Baptist Church (MS) leaving to come down to work with us for the next week. Please pray for their safe travel, for God to use them throughout the week, for health and saftey, and for doors to open up for ministry in the areas we will be working. We're so excited to be able to visit with our old neighbor (Justin) who is the pastor of the church and will be leading the team!!! (Christie, we will miss you, but those 3 sweet kiddos of yours need to be taken care of and loved on!)


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This post won't be exciting or long, but it will be short and sweet.
The kids and I (Leann) are sick; long nights, little sleep, and no eating. Thanks to the amazing man of the house who is holding down the fort!
Can I just say how much I love him?? Here are a few reasons why:
* Holding sick kids all night long
* Getting up in the middle of the night for bathroom trips
* Praying hard for each of us to get well
* Staying home, fixing meals, and changing diapers
* Patience
* Watching a neverending number of kids shows and movies for kids who were too sick to move
* Sitting up with a sick wife during the night to make sure she was okay
* Loving us
Hopefully we'll all be better by tomorrow! We love you, daddy! Thanks for taking such good care of us!

Team Week

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We're so excited to have a team from Denver Baptist Church here with us again, and these guys... David and Robert.

Can I please just tell you how awesome they have been!?! Like way cooler than any Justin Bieber songs. They have put up with sceaming kids, long, windy road trips, painting in the cold, sitting in the back of the truck IN the cold and SO much more!
They have shared their testimonies, their pasts, their hearts and so much more with the Argentines. It has been a great week to get to know them and see God use them here in this place. Thanks you guys for all your hard work
And today is a special day....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID! We hope you will never forget your birthday in Argentina!

A Year and a Half!!!

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Our little baby girl isn't so little anymore.

           How are you already so big? We are with you every day, but somehow you have grown more than we have seen. You are walking and running everywhere with Parker. You love being his sister. Sometimes he smashes hugs you and gives you big kisses, and other times you fight. You love him so much though and lovingly call him "Po Po". It's cute. You love to cuddle, but only when you want to. Sometimes you are afraid of dogs, but after a while you start to love on them...and cats, too! You make the cutest cat noises!
You can be a pretty picky eater. Some days you eat anything and everything in sight. Other days we can't get you to eat a thing- even cookies! You love chocolate milk, but woun't have anything to do with the plain stuff. You are saying new words all the time. Lately your favroites are; "hola", "chau", "hello", "more", "water", "nose", "burr" and "eye". I thnk you're going to learn Spanish really quick!
You love to sit with books. You don't really care for us to actually read them to you, but you love to pretend that YOU are reading and to look at the pictures. When we pray, you have the sweetest way of folding your tiny hands together, and saying "A-en" at the end. God has made you with so much potential and beauty. Every day we talk about how beautiful you are, even when you're screaming at us. We could never say how blessed we are to be your mommy and daddy, but know we are so thankful for you, our sweet baby girl!

Baptisms, take two

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Our second time to see new believers baptized was in the village of Potrero de Díaz. It was a cold day and the river was even colder! Due to several things, two of the others who were supposed to join us could not, but that didn't stop two sisters, Amanda and Isavel, from going for a quick dunk!

This was a day we had been waiting for! These are the first believers in this village! Pray for them as they walk with the Lord, invite people to the bible study and continue to grow in the Word.


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It's been over a month now, but we're excited to say that we got to tak part in two baptism days! The first was with our group of friends in San Luis. Many people from the local Baptist church showed up to support the new believers in their big day. The pastor began with reading some scripture and prayer and then it was time to get into the cold river!

7 were baptized that day! At the end, they all started singing (in spanish of course) " I have decided to follow Jesus...".
It was a sweet day for them and us too.

That Day

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Dear Parker,

4 years ago today you entered our world and forever changed us. You were so tiny, so precious, so perfect. You had daddy's eyes and pinky fingers and my nose and toes. We held you and kissed you-maybe more than what's normal- but we didn't care.

Your first birthday was in New Mexico, your second in Costa Rica, and your third in Argentina.
This year you are FOUR!!!
For the first year, we are living in the same country as last year so I can say that birthday's 3 and 4 were in Argentina!
You love animals, bugs, babies, superheroes, and candy. You especially love the candy. Lucky for you the people here are always ready to give you some (even when daddy and I want to say no). You are a big helper with things around the house. You love your new dresser where all your clothes are kept and combing through the drawers in search for the perfect outfit.
You are a great big brother to London. She loves following you around and playing with you. Daddy and I love that you two have your own language and can understand each other. You take care of her and make sure she's safe.
You have learned so much about God this past year. Daddy has been teaching you about Him and you are getting to know all about the one who made you and gave you to us 4 years ago. We pray you seek after him in all you do as you grow up. We love you, you peanut.
Mom and Dad


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We're so excited for this weekend-well, today, to be more specific!

Our group in San Luis has been going really well and we've seen 10 people accept Christ in the last couple of months. Today, 7 of them will be getting baptized together!
Please pray for these new believers as they take this next step of faith!
Pictures to follow...

Closed Out

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With all the rain we have been getting here, the roads are impassable at times. A couple weeks ago there was a landslide onto the road we take, closing it off for people to enter and leave the area. We have been unable to go to Potrero de Días to baptize our friends. Please continue to pray that we will have this opportunity as soon as the weather improves.

Follow up photos

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A few weeks ago, I wrote this blog, about false hope. As promised, here are photos to show some of what we experienced.


The virgin image the people were lined up to see, touch, kiss and pray to.

Thousands of rosaries hung from the trees- a gift to the virgin.

Please continue to pray for those who trust in false gods and images, who are in need of knowing the one who truly gives hope and peace.

Clinging to False Hope

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Last weekened we went to visit an interesting place.
Really the place isn't what's SO interesting, it's what's there.
Last year when we were hosting a team, one of the guys came back to the house at the end of the day and said, "Hey, did you guys hear about the virgin on top of the mountain that people go to see? They go  and talk to her, pray to her, and asked to be healed."

Our response- "Of course. Everyone here has a statue of a virgin, saint or some supposed 'blessed' item that they turn and pray to."

We really left it at that. Knowing there was a place in the city where people went to pray to an image to receive forgiveness and to be healed. Living in a Latin American culture, that's every day stuff.
Until we found out that there is a REAL woman on top of the mountain!
Hundreds of poeple make the trek up the mountain each week to see her, pray to her (and the images), asked to be healed, forgiven of their sins, etc. We HAD to see it.
However, being the Andrews Family that we are, and finally getting used to things not turning out like we plan, we weren't too surprised to get there and find out that she is on vacation!!
I suppose everyone needs a vacation.
Even without her presence, it was still a heavy sight to see. Waves of people coming and going to see, touch, and pray to the statue of the virgin (of something or somewhere). I took pictures (I'll add them here later), but there were thousands of rosaries hanging in the trees around the tiny chapel. It almost made the place cry out, seeing all of them, knowing that each one had been placed in the hopes that the would hear from this idol, in order for things in their life to change.
False Hope. False Love.
How do we break into a culture that is seems so reached with the truth, but is clearly FAR from it? How do we tell them that they are crying out to something that is made by man, that can't hear them or help them? How do we make them see they are following a lie?
A false hope?
Some days the task seems way too overwhelming! However, I know that God is at work here, opening doors, revealing Himself to the people and showing them who HE is.
Would you please pray today? Pray for the darkness that is in this place. The struggle for us is that they are religious, and have beliefs- they have just been

Our Baby is 1!!

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Actually, you're almost 14 months.
Sorry London. With all our traveling I haven't had time to write you a letter or even tell everyone that we celebrated your 1st birthday in New Mexcio with family and friends.

I can't believe the first year of your life has come and gone so quickly.
You are SO much fun!
You know when you're being funny and love to make us laugh.
You play games with daddy and pretend that you don't
want to give him kisses, but he always gets you!
You have two bottom teeth and your top left one is
working its way down.
You really want to walk but are still a bit afraid to venture
out on your own, so for now you cling to the couch, chairs or even the wall. For Christmas, daddy bought you a little baby and
you have recently discovered your deep love for her.
You carry her with you and gives her lots of kisses.
We have yet to name her.
This year daddy and I have faced a lot of changes around here and sometimes we aren't such good parents, but we are working on it. We know that the Lord will help us as we continue learning.
We also know that God has very special plans for you and a great purpose. We pray that as we raise you, you will be able to see how much Jesus love you and takes care of your every need.
We love you, baby girl.
Happy Birthday!!!

A trip and a stay at home

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Tomorrow morning Joe leaves to go on a mission trip with our mentor and a group of nationals to work in the province of Chaco. They will be working with a local school to help with their water tanks and much more. Pray for the group as they go. It's a flat, hot, dry place and they will be camping out. Today it was 104 degrees!
The kids and I will be staying here so please pray for us as well. Especially that I won't go crazy in the house for 3 days with two kids! Parker is running a fever again so please pray he will get well and I won't have to take him to the doctor (which will be harder with Joe gone since I won't have a car).

By the way- we're counting down- we leave 2 weeks from today to go to New Mexico for Christmas!!!

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