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London's 4th birthday

Posted on December 21, 2013 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Dear London,

This year we celebrate your 4th birthday! How have you grown so big this year? You've outgrown all your clothes more than 3 times and gone through so many shoes. You love all things girly, twirly, and pink! You and I love painting our nails together. You adore dressing up & then dancing & spinning round and round until you're dizzy.

You make us laugh. A lot. You have a wonderful belly laugh that makes us smile everytime.

Thank you for being such a big helper around the house. We have seen the Lord grow you a lot this year. You have such a sensitive, sweet heart. You pray a lot. You've seen God listen to you and answer you. We pray this next year is just as full of fun, surprises, and love!




Floating Away

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You're 3, London!

Posted on December 19, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (1)

You're 3!!!
I can't believe I'm telling you that you're so big already. Actually, you tell me how big and old you are all the time. Really, you tell anyone that you can; friends, strangers, babies. Then you proceed to ask each of them how old they are (in Spanish, of course), which is really funny when it's an 80 year old woman and she refuses to answer your sweet and innocent question!


We had a great princess birthday party for you, complete with a slip-n-slide, princess cake, and coke floats!

It was so much fun to watch you play with your friends and get so excited about your presents.


The biggest one?? A BIKE!!!

You're such a good sister to Parker and Jack. You love to help feed Jack and give him lots and lots of hugs and kisses. You're a great mix of being girly, but we can clearly tell that you have brothers. You love your princesses, but will never miss out on playing superheros either.

We sure do love you, sweetie, and can't wait to celebrate birthday #4 next year!

Merry Christmas

Posted on December 25, 2011 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Merry Christmas, from us to you!!!

London's Party

Posted on December 20, 2011 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Here's just a few photos from London's "princess" Tinkerbell party! She looooved the cake and all the presents!

Want to see something cute??

Posted on August 12, 2011 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

london singing 'twinkle little star"

It'll knock your socks off. Yup, right off!

Hiking Day

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A Year and a Half!!!

Posted on June 19, 2011 at 4:38 AM Comments comments (0)


Our little baby girl isn't so little anymore.

           How are you already so big? We are with you every day, but somehow you have grown more than we have seen. You are walking and running everywhere with Parker. You love being his sister. Sometimes he smashes hugs you and gives you big kisses, and other times you fight. You love him so much though and lovingly call him "Po Po". It's cute. You love to cuddle, but only when you want to. Sometimes you are afraid of dogs, but after a while you start to love on them...and cats, too! You make the cutest cat noises!
You can be a pretty picky eater. Some days you eat anything and everything in sight. Other days we can't get you to eat a thing- even cookies! You love chocolate milk, but woun't have anything to do with the plain stuff. You are saying new words all the time. Lately your favroites are; "hola", "chau", "hello", "more", "water", "nose", "burr" and "eye". I thnk you're going to learn Spanish really quick!
You love to sit with books. You don't really care for us to actually read them to you, but you love to pretend that YOU are reading and to look at the pictures. When we pray, you have the sweetest way of folding your tiny hands together, and saying "A-en" at the end. God has made you with so much potential and beauty. Every day we talk about how beautiful you are, even when you're screaming at us. We could never say how blessed we are to be your mommy and daddy, but know we are so thankful for you, our sweet baby girl!


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15 Months

Posted on March 19, 2011 at 8:47 AM Comments comments (2)

I don't know where the time goes....

Here was Parker at 15 months- we had just arrived in Costa Rica

and here is London, 15 months, in Argentina.

Winter ONEderland

Posted on February 3, 2011 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

We celebrated London's 1st birthday at grammy and poppy's house (my mom and dad). We felt so blessed to have a house full of family and friends to celebrate her special day with us!

It was so funny that when she was born, it was just us to welcome her into the world. Little did she realize that she had a whole group of people waiting to meet her!
We had a winter party. Being that her birthday is December 19th

(and will forever share my pain of a b-day close to Christmas),

I wanted to do something non-christmas for her first party.

I decided on vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. For snacks we had "snow tires", "cheese sleds", "celery skis" and other food with silly names. I have to say, for only being in the states for a week, it came together pretty well!

Here's the birthday girl enjoying her cake!

The girl got some CUTE new clothes (these were a special something from Auntie Lolo)

A BIG thanks to everyone who came and was a party of this special day with us! It really was such a blessing to see all of you while we were in town!!!

Our Baby is 1!!

Posted on February 1, 2011 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)
Actually, you're almost 14 months.
Sorry London. With all our traveling I haven't had time to write you a letter or even tell everyone that we celebrated your 1st birthday in New Mexcio with family and friends.

I can't believe the first year of your life has come and gone so quickly.
You are SO much fun!
You know when you're being funny and love to make us laugh.
You play games with daddy and pretend that you don't
want to give him kisses, but he always gets you!
You have two bottom teeth and your top left one is
working its way down.
You really want to walk but are still a bit afraid to venture
out on your own, so for now you cling to the couch, chairs or even the wall. For Christmas, daddy bought you a little baby and
you have recently discovered your deep love for her.
You carry her with you and gives her lots of kisses.
We have yet to name her.
This year daddy and I have faced a lot of changes around here and sometimes we aren't such good parents, but we are working on it. We know that the Lord will help us as we continue learning.
We also know that God has very special plans for you and a great purpose. We pray that as we raise you, you will be able to see how much Jesus love you and takes care of your every need.
We love you, baby girl.
Happy Birthday!!!

11 months

Posted on November 19, 2010 at 10:46 PM Comments comments (2)

I was hot, uncomfortable, nursing swollen ankles, on bed rest and READY for London to be born- a year ago today.
A year ago we did not yet know the specific day God would choose for our first daughter to be born. While we hoped, waited, and prayed our anticipation grew stronger with each passing day to meet her.

Now here you are- 11 months later- so big, so beautiful, full of life and energy. You are such a sweetheart. You love to cuddle and give kisses (repeatedly to daddy). Each time I pick you up out of your crib after your nap you kick your legs in excitement. You quickly reach out your little baby hand, point your finger and stretch with all your might to have just one chance to touch your butterfly mobile suspended above your bed.
You smile ALL the time. You make us laugh with your angelic facial expressions and can make us crazy with your screeching cries for attention or when you want a snack.
You eat peas, squach, potatoes, apples, pears, avacado, cookies-just to name a few. You love pear and apple juice and always want to eat while we're eating.
You are "officially" Argentine because you had your first drink of maté (ma-tay) and sucked from the straw like a pro!

We have been humbled, blessed, and are so thankful to be you mommy and daddy.
Love you, angel!

The Princess

Posted on October 30, 2010 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Before London was born I was shopping with my friend Nicole, in Costa Rica, for fabric for London's room when we stumbeled across this

I fell in love!
I love the mix of the girly pattern and colors and a vintage look with a bit of a modern twist. The dark color in the background is brown, but I really felt it could be a deep dark purple as well.
That's where my inspiration began.
I invisioned a room full of deep plums, teal and lime green.
When we decided to have Parker and London share a room I had to come up with a way for them to share a theme that was good for a growing boy and a new little lady.
Thus we have begun to create a prince/ princess room.
I was so excited when my friend Becky and I found material to make sheets that would match the one above.
I finally found a place to sew everything for me (our sewing machines are still in the good 'ol US of A). The teal frame is still incomplete. It will hold a cute little princess dress.
However, after making a bunch of art for the walls and a mobile I feel like it's finally coming along.
So may I present
Princess London's Room:



Diez Meses

Posted on October 19, 2010 at 7:27 AM Comments comments (0)
You've grown so much before our very eyes
even the ways you play, talk and cry
each day there's something new to discover
one day, I promise,  you'll be thankful to have a big brother

You laugh, give kisses and pretend to cough
you pat your tummy to say good morning and to show that
you can goof off
facination comes over you as you watch your mobile
twirl above your bed
you've learned to play lots of "peek-a-boo" even if your
hands only cover the top of your head

The Lord is growing you and making you so strong
relaxation and comfort flows over you each time I sing you a song
you're daddy's little princess and mommy's little girl
these first ten months of life with you have been quite a whirl

We love you, little London, we pray for you each day
for you to know the Lord Jesus and to follow in His ways

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