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Four Months

Posted on September 29, 2012 at 3:20 PM

       This month I as I write you, I sit and wonder, "where did the last month go?". Every day you are changing. Not a lot. Just a little. It's those things, though, that I notice. You wake up happy; laughing and smiling- just waiting for your diaper to be changed. You finally found your toes and you love staring at your hands.

You look down a lot- at your feet, the floor, your toys. But, you always look up when daddy starts to talk to you. You really do love him!

 This month I was praying, every day, for God to heal your left eye. It was sick since you were born- a clogged tear duct, pink eye, more clogging, and more pink eye. So I prayed, and prayed some more. God heard me and answered me. Your eye is ALL better! You are a happy little camper, too, because you don't have to rub and scratch it any more!

You also saw me. You didn't just see me, but you saw me and knew me. You knew I was your mommy. That made my heart happy.
You made a HUGE discovery- you found your head. Yes, even though it's following in the Andrews' way and is small, you finally found it! You love to try and pull at your hair, which is difficult since there's not much there. I love you, boo bear. Happy 4 months!

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