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Bad Things

Posted on December 10, 2010 at 9:47 AM

We have been trying harder to focus on some basic Bible topics and doctrine with Parker. Now, since he's only 3 1/2, Joe had to make it so he can understand. Man, is it cute!! He is repeating the things we're teaching him like a champ.

One of the things we ask is, "How do we know there's a God?"

Answer: "We can see (point to eyes) what He has made, we can know (point to head) right from wrong, and because of Jesus (point to the sky)."

He has really been meditating on these things because this, and other topics, will arise during daily conversation.

The other night I put him to bed and told him no playing or I'd have to take his guys (spiderman, ironman, and buzz- you know, The guys).

I shut the door and what did I hear?


So I walked in his room and took said guys away, to which he reacted as would and 3 year old- going right to sleep with a fit. This time, however, some logical thinking accompanied the crying.

Parker: "You did a bad thing. You took my guys (sniff, tears)."

Me: "Parker, I told you that I would take them if you played."

Parker: (sobbing) "But when we do bad things (pointing to his head, remembering the right and wrong stuff we studied) we have to say we're sorry because God doesn't want us to do bad things. You did a bad thing"

This is where I wanted to laugh. Poor little guy thought it was pretty gosh darn awful that his guys weren't going to be sleeping with him. However, I restrained and continued my sweet conversation with him. Trying to explain consequences to a 3 year old is a tough one!

After all this took place I began to think and the Lord spoke to me.

Sometimes it seems like a chore to teach such things to him. He doesn't sit still, pay attention, plays instead of listens, I could go on and on. Sometimes I'm not sure anything we're saying is taking hold. However, in this moment the Lord reminded me that our dilgence in instructing him in the ways of the Lord is what matters most. How will he learn these important truths if we aren't focusing on them in our own home as a family?

I was also thankful for the moment that I didn't miss out on. Often, I am tired and don't want to deal with his bedtime fits and so my response is to just walk away and not listen to his 2nd 500th complaint of the night. I am thankful that was not my reaction on this particular night. I would have missed out on a precious thing- seeing the Lord work in his mind and heart.

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