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The Brokenness of a Child

Posted on June 22, 2011 at 10:56 AM

We took Joe's dad and sister into downtown Salta to visit the plaza and see all the randomness that is Latin America. We ate, and enjoyed "papuchas", french fries in a paper cone", kettle corn, and a buffet dinner. One stop we made us into the main Catholic church on the square. Every time we visit one, we remind Parker that he's going to see people praying to the statues, and that's something we're not suppoesd to do.
After we had walked around and seen people praying, bowing down, and crying in front of these images, Parker got very quiet. The impact came when we were leaving. There was a line of people waiting to see the priest for confession. People kneeling in a box, talking to a curtain, with nothing but another man on the other side. Parker stared. Watched. Wondered. I could see the blank expression on his face was a direct result of confusion.

I explained to him what they were doing, how many people believe the only way they can "talk" to God and be forgiven for the bad things they've done is by talking to the man in the box (aka the priest). He was so confused, asking why they would do something so strange when we can talk to God all by ourselves when we pray to Him.
We contined to talk and watch and then decided to leave. On the way out Parker was silent. No words or expressions. I knelt down to him on the steps just outside the church and talk. As we talked, tears filled his eyes and he began to sniffle. And with few words, I could feel the brokeness he was feeling.

"I'm just sad that those people are praying to
those pretend things in there. Why are they praying to that man?
We are only supposed to pray to God. God loves us."

Brokeness. The pain of seeing others try to reach and fulfill something in their life with false hope. Even Parker had felt it. In that moment, the Lord showed me that I need to see things through the eyes of my children. What they see is simple, not complicated or difficult to understand. People are lost, confused and in NEED of God.
So we stood outside and prayed together. We prayed for all the people who were praying to the statues, instead of to God. We prayed for God to open their eyes to see that it's HIM they need and long for. I'm thankful for that night, when my 4 year old taught me some very important things!

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Reply Laura
2:56 PM on August 6, 2011 
We're back in Argentina, and I wanted to see how you guys are doing in Salta. You've been on my mind a lot since your kids are about the same age as mine. The story about Parker's sensitivity to spiritual things demanded a comment from me. I hope Cylia will get to play with Parker one day. Precious.
Laura Baggett
Reply Frank Periman
4:56 PM on July 4, 2011 
That story about Parker broke my heart also, and brougt tears to my eyes...yes we should come as little children!...I pray for you all and your ministry every day.

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