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Posted on August 8, 2011 at 11:10 PM

The other day Parker and I were talking about, well, who knows what.
He tends to ramble on, and on, and on.
I'm sure NO ONE who has kids can relate with me!
Anyway, he was in the middle of saying something when suddenly he blurted out a line I never thought a 4 year old would say. So I said,
"Wait, what did you just say?"
Parker- "I said, so you just say 'get a straw and suck it up!', like that"
I was laughing so hard. I yelled for Joe to come closer and hear what Parker had to say.
Parker- "I said, 'get a straw and suck it up'..."
After I composed myself I asked who taught him to say that, and his reply...
"Drew, and Aaron, from the team from last week" (aka mission team from Briar Hill).
So, THANK YOU guys, you did a fabulous job teaching our son some profound new sayings!

Categories: Stuff Kids Say, Parker moments, by Leann

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