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Planting Churches in Argentina

  Joseph Patrick Andrews

        I was raised in a Christian home, and I was saved at age seven at a puppet show. I am the husband of the most beautiful woman on earth, and the father to 2 amazing sons and a beautiful daughter.   I am very much in love with them all.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Theater and a Master's degree in Missiology.
        If you could see into the depths of my soul you would see missions at the core.  My love is Jesus Christ, and my passion is to make Him known.  All that he has done, is doing, and will do, has been to make His name known throughout the earth.  I am overwhelmingly inadequate for the task to which he has called me, however I am enormously humbled that he would let me in on what he is already doing.  I was called to Cross Cultural Missions in the summer of 2000 in China.  I listened intently as a Chinese man told of his conversion, his call to missions, and the persecution he had experienced solely because he had recieved Christ.  It was that night that God revealed to me his plan for my life.  The next summer I returned to China, and felt sure that God had called me there to serve as a missionary after I recieved my Bachelor's degree. 
        After God calls a missionary there is very little that man can do to keep that missionary off of the field.  I believe that it actually takes an act of God to keep that person off the field until the proper time.  This was more than true in my case.  My heart burned for China, and all my thoughts and energy were China bound.  My heart was set on going over seas for a minimum of two years after college, and maintaining a long distance relationship with my girlfriend (Leann) during that time.  My plan was also to return to the United States after the two year stint, marry Leann, go to seminary, and get back to China as quickly as possible.  Long story short, God changed my heart and suddenly I had the desire to stay in the States, marry Leann, go to seminary, then go overseas.  Still, everytime an overseas opportunity presented itself, I was ready to get on the plane and go, it didn't matter where. 
        As I studied I realized that China was not the best fit for me, and that God's call on my life was simply missions, not China missions.  It's quite funny how God works sometimes.  I had spent all of high school, all of college, and the rest of my life running from the Spanish Language.  I never wanted to learn it.  The main reason being that everyone I knew who had studied any foreign language in high school or college, had not been able to retain any of the language.  So to me it seemed a waste of time.  I even transferred colleges to avoid taking Spanish.  Leann on the other hand, always felt called to a Latin culture, and loved Spanish.  When we had the opportunity to go on a short term trip to Mexico, we said as quickly as possible, "YES!"  It was an amazing trip!  God showed me that my heart was for people, anywhere and everywhere.  It didn't matter the location, it didn't matter the people.  The only thing that mattered was that I was actively teaching and preaching.    
        Lo and behold God has called me to Argentina, a Spanish speaking country.  I can't wait to learn Spanish and my heart jumps inside of me when I think of how God will use it in my life and ministry.  I have never been more excited than I am now.  I have also never felt such peace as I feel now, knowing that what I am doing is perfectly in the will, and hands of God.  I have been waiting to go overseas for 8 years now, and for the first time in my life I can say that; "it is happening now!"  Please pray that I will daily surrender to God, and that I will proclaim with boldness His name and message everywhere He leads me. 



Leann Nicole Andrews

    I am a wife and mother to the two most precious men in the world (well one is a little man). It is wonderful to see what a blessing they have been and how grateful I am to have them in my life. I am filled with joy each day when I see Parker smile at me when he wakes up, and when I hear Joseph tell me good morning. God's goodness, grace and mercy continue to amaze me with all that He does in my life.
I grew up in a Catholic church, but got lost in all the traditions and never knew that I could have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I eventually began to attend a baptist church, where for the first time I heard the gospel message. I was saved when I was 15 at church camp, but never really understood what it was to have a true, living, working relationship with Christ. It wasn't until after my senior year of high school that I realized what God was asking of me; to live a life in full surrender to Him. My life has not been the same since! It is my deepest desire to please God in all that I do; while I may fail (and sometimes miserbly) I still strive to give Him all of me and everything thing I do each day. I have an intimate, meaningful, deep relationship with my heavenly father, the Creator God. I love that it's not about a "religion", but a meaningful relationship with the one who loved me enough to die for me.
The Lord first spoke to my heart about missions at a missions conference in 2002, where I heard a woman speak about her experience as a missionary. Her husband had died while serving in their country, and she stayed with her children and continued to serve God. The Lord truly used her testimony to stir a desire in my heart to serve Him overseas. At the end of the conference I told God that I would do whatever, or go wherever He wanted. In 2005 I went on a mission trip to Mexico, it was there that God confirmed my calling to serve Him overseas as a career missionary.
    Joseph and I have prayed since then for the Lord to reveal to us where He would want us to serve. As we looked over the hundreds of job requests we had just a few that stood out to us. After many hours of prayer and discussion we finally felt we had our answer and a direction of where He was leading us. So here we are, preparing to study Spanish and head to Argentina where we will have the privledge of sharing the gospel message with so many people who have never even heard the name of Jesus!  My heart is so excited for what is before us and I can not wait to see all that God will do in the lives of the people in the Andes mountains!



             Parker Douglas Andrews

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